Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Confoys and Goulburn, NSW, Australia

Goulburn, NSW, Australia seems to be the first noted location of the Confoys in Australia.  I have not yet found out any of the history of why this might be so.  Any information will be useful.  There is a street called Confoy Place in Goulburn and a Carr-Confoy sports field also in Goulburn.  The Confoy in this case is evidently Jack Confoy a locally famous bicycle road racer whom seems to have won almost every race he was in that was reported in the newspapers.  Some of his victories follow:
From the Goulburn Evening Penny Post, Monday, 24 August, 1936

From the Goulburn Evening Penny Post, Monday, 27 September, 1937


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    1. This webpage
      may be of interest.
      I photographed the Hotel
      and was curious re Patrick Confoy's history but basically I wanted to know more about when the hotel was trading. Any info welcomed.